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Prayer-Praise is a web-based ministry designed to encourage and aid believers in approaching the Most-High God. We want to help you fulfill your life's purpose for fellowship and worship by providing resources that help guide you in prayer and praise.

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Learn more about how to connect with God through prayer.

Let's Talk About Praise

Learn why your purpose in life is praise and how it enriches your life.

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Find prayer topics and guides to address the problems and challenges of life.

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Frequently asked questions about prayer, God, and salvation.


Discover how to get right with God through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

About Prayer-Praise

Learn what inspired us to encourage and aid believers in approaching God.

Our Goal

It is the goal of Prayer-Praise to encourage all the people of the world to seek out the Most-High God with prayer and praise. Whether you live next door or on another continent, you are the newest believer or have believed for decades, Prayer-Praise would like to remind you that you are never alone in your prayer life.

Our Mission

To bring all people into the presence of the Most-High God with prayer and praise through His Son Jesus Christ. The only way to the Heavenly Father is through belief and profession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. When you approach the Father through Jesus, you can enter into an abundant life of gratitude and answered prayers.

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